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Bunting a baseball is not as easy as it looks and is practiced too little.

Additionally, bunting is often not taught correctly. This lack of bunting

proficiency occurs at the major league baseball level as well as in youth

baseball. Following are the most common mistakes hitters make

when bunting:

1. Failure to square the hips and shoulders to the pitcher at all or soon

enough. This inhibits the batter from placing the bat out front.

2. Not putting enough bend in knees when squaring around, leaving the

hitter to have to cover too much ground.

3. When placing the bat out front – bunters do not cover much of home plate,

causing them to have to reach for outside pitches.

4. Either not starting the bat at the top of the strike zone or not setting the bat

barrel slightly above the hands.

5. Not adjusting to differnet level pitches by bending the knees but instead by

dropping the barrel to the ball height.


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