Prevention of Dehydration and Heat Illness in Youth Sports E-mail
Editor's Notes: Every year in late August and early September we read or hear about young athletes that die from a heat stroke. How can this be with all the information we have on this deadly illness? Back in the Clubhouse is friend of the show Dr. David Marshall, Medical Director, Sports Medicine Program, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, to discuss how we can prevent dehydration and other heat illnesses from impacting our kids during their sports activities. See Dr. Marshall’s Blog,“Sidelines with Dr. Marshall” for more information about dehydration and heat illness. A special thanks to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for providing CHG access to its professionals, so we can continue to educate our viewing audience on the importance good healthcare plays in youth sports. If you like today’s show, click on our “Subscribe and Share” tab in the menu at the top of the page and share CHG with your friends and family. Go to "Video On-Demand" to see additional youth sports videos.

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